My trip to Oslo, Prague and Rome…Part 2

This blog is the 2nd part of my one of the amazing travels. It was my first international trip where I traveled to Oslo, Prague, and Rome. My stay in Oslo was purely for work for 15 days but that didn’t stop me from discovering the culture, the people and the lovely places which the place has to offer. In case you missed reading all of it, here is the link of my Oslo adventures, ‘My trip to Oslo, Prague, and Rome…Part 1.

After spending my time in Oslo and Bergen in Norway, I went to Prague where I met another colleague of mine, Andrea who played a super host and created a perfect itinerary for me for the next 2 days I was supposed to spend there.

The first day we went to Karlovy Vary, a town which is approximately 130 km west of Prague. The town is quite famous for its hot springs which are said to have medicinal properties. (yes…I drank from most of them 😛 ) and there is a special cup which people purchase to drink the water from those springs. Quite cool! 😛

It was almost an entire day tour on the streets of Karlovy Vary where one of the major highlights was our visit to Moser Glass Factory and where we discovered the beauty of the glass craft and got a chance to look at the artisans at work right from moulding the hot glass to different shapes to finally carving lovely designs on to them. It was an experience to remember.

The next day was dedicated to a tour to the touristy places of Prague. Yup, you guessed it right! A visit to Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, St. Vitus Cathedral and checking out the different architectures of buildings that we crossed.

My guide apart from telling me the history behind each of the landmarks was also quick to educate me on different architectural styles of Prague buildings. Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Cubism were some of the architectural styles that I could witness on the streets of Prague. It was just a half-day walking tour but I would suggest taking a full day tour where you can actually spend time at the monuments and explore more about the city.

Now, without much blabbering, let me show you what I did in Prague. 🙂

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