My trip to Oslo, Prague and Rome…Part 1

It’s been almost 5 months that I have written and that’s because I was on my own trip.

Ah…that’s a lame excuse. 😛

Maybe I was too lazy to pen down…err…type up something. Too many things happened all this while but the main highlight was my ‘first ever international trip‘. I went to Norway (all expenses paid trip by my company…perks of winning a seat in Global Exchange Program 😀 ) followed by my self-sponsored trip to Prague and Rome.

My 15 days at Oslo and Bergen were one of the best days of my life so far. My colleague cum friend Mats played the perfect host and made sure that I spent the best time ever in Oslo. Weekdays went by working while weekends were all about exploring the city and its culture.

We attended amazing dinners where I met some lovely people and got to know about their culture and lives. I got a chance to witness their Constitution Day celebrations where everyone dresses in their traditional ‘bunads’, enjoys feasts and flocks the streets to watch the parade to the King’s palace. I enjoyed my weekends walking the streets, visiting museums, spending time at the sea-side and the parks, attending events like Oslo Vegetarian Festival and Oslo Instagrammers Walk and doing sightseeing (yes, all the things which you can find at TripAdvisor in ‘places to visit’ list 😛).

The people here are warm, friendly, punctual and have a simple life. On weekends, they love to spend time out with friends or occupy themselves doing activities like skiing. There is greenery all around with small parks spread across the city, you can see people running and cycling, laughing and chatting. The city had a lovely vibe where the pace of life looked just apt where nobody is in rush and people have time to sit and relax by the sea-side to end their day.  Also, usually most of them have their own cabins (a small house somewhere in the mountains or by the sea-side) where they like to go on weekends or on special occasions away from the city’s hustle bustle. 🙂

I and Mats also went to Bergen (a place which is covered by 7 mountains and where it rains almost 300 days a year). The highlight was the road trip. Since I went in May, I could see different landscapes throughout my road journey. There were snow covered mountains, green landscapes and fjords welcoming us to Bergen.

After a 1 day stay at Bergen, it was time to say goodbye to the beautiful Norway and say Hi to Prague.

Here is a quick photo story to give you a glimpse of my trip to Norway. Enjoy 🙂

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