The unsung heroes of the movie ‘Queen’

The other day I and my husband were watching the movie “Queen”. It is one of those movies which you can watch anytime and it would still give you those fresh vibes. You are always awed by Rani’s naivety yet strong-headed character, beautifully portrayed by Kangana Ranaut along with the vibrant scenes of Amsterdam which leave you refreshed.

While we were watching the movie, my husband shared an interesting perspective which I had not invariably thought. And that was about the role of Rani’s parents in the film. Though we all get deeply involved with the character of Rani as she sails through her break-up and emerges out to be a formidable force who could do anything and is up for embracing life with open arms, we tend to ignore the side roles played by her parents who were actually¬†her knight in the shining armor.

It was her parents who have stood by her at every step. Be it agreeing to her love marriage, supporting her through her break-up, allowing her to travel solo (that too abroad), and until the end when she asks to meet Vijay (her fiance) again and finally breaking up with him and returning the engagement ring. Her parents were there for her during her highs and lows trusting her judgment and let her be.

Queen movie

This movie is a great portrayal of how one’s parents should be –

  • Supporting and Not Imposing
  • Loving but Not Pampering
  • Protective but Not Over-Protective
  • Trusting and not Commanding

This movie is a great example for all the parents who have daughters. In today’s society, where a girl is subjected to tremendous societal pressures of getting married with no concern towards her education and career, where her opinions about how she would like to lead her life are heard at the last and sometimes not at all, this movie actually shares how parents can be a crucial force in building their children’s confidence. If a girl is let down by others, it is her family which is responsible for lifting her up and giving her that self-assurance that she can fight the world.

And the same has been beautifully presented in ‘Queen’. Kudos to Vikas Bahl, the director for making a path-breaking movie. To honor the movie ‘Queen’, here is its trailer to refresh your memories!