Movie with a soul…Udta Punjab

udta punjab

One gets to know how a movie will be as soon as one watches its first scene. Udta Punjab is one such marvel. You know the movie will be dark with subtle hints when you see that flying packet from across the border used as a symbol to write the title of the movie ‘Udta Punjab’. Dude, the movie sets the tone for you right away.

This movie gives you chills, frightens you and hits you bad. Yes, it’s a horror movie – a horror which is real and has gripped our generationĀ hard. For them ignorance is bliss.

Be it Shahid’s portrayal of a Rock Star who became an overnight success or Alia’s performance as a distraught yet fearless woman, you will feel with them in their moments of highs and lows. The way the movie journeys through the lives of Alia, Shahid, Diljeet, Balli and Kareena and then how everyone’s lives get interlinked, is crafted quite well. Alia was the powerhouse for me minus the Bihari accent.

Ease of getting drugs at cheap rates, the involvement of police and political parties, carelessness of guardians and ignorance of young generation – you can see it all in this film. Though there are other more pressing factors as well like unemployment and illiteracy leading to this drug menace in Punjab which I believe should also be touched upon.

Nevertheless, the movie is brilliantly directedĀ and I am glad it could reach the theaters and minted 10 crores on its opening day. Another achievement for the makers since the movie got leaked 3 days before its official release. I am glad that people opted to watch the movie in theaters rather than on their laptops.

The other recent movies which had hit me hard were ‘Ugly‘ and ‘Talvar‘, former being a Phantom production again.

Kudos to Anurag Kashyap and the brilliant actors and a special mention to Amit Trivedi for his awesome compositions especially “Ik Kudi”. Mind blown and worth a watch!