My favorite ads this Diwali Season

In this age of advertising and brands flowing money to grab the attention of the consumers, there are few ads which make the cut and leave an impression.

Diwali is a time when almost every brand rolls out offers and bring new ads to entice consumers. While all the e-com players like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. have flooded the TV and Digital space with their promotions like The Great Indian Festival, Big Billions Day, Unbox Zindagi  and others where the primary focus is just pure deals and offers on products, there are few others which have stood out!

I particularly loved these two this Diwali season:

Amazon Kindle Ad:

Though I couldn’t find the ad on digital space, I am sure you must have seen it. It depicts a girl reading biographies of inspiring people/ players like Kalpana Chawla, Ronaldo and finally showing off her skills on a football playground. This ad touches you in many ways:

  • Clearly points out why reading is important and how if the habit is developed at an early stage in children can help in nurturing their minds
  • Focuses on girl child and also subtly encourages sports. Bang on in context with the recent Olympic and Paralympic wins.
  • Also, hints at the kind of books a child should read.

#FlipWithDell by Dell India:

More than the product placement of Dell, I loved the progressive concept of the ad. A women entrepreneur finishing up some crucial office work while husband helping in the kitchen so that the festivities are still on. Dell has beautifully tied its product in the ad that you don’t miss it.

What are your favorite ads this festive season?


Top 3 Ads which hit the Indian Television last week!

There are very few occasions these days when ads on Indian Television really make sense. Came by few last week which are cut above the rest and worth mentioning!

Ariel – #Sharetheload ad:

The recent Ariel ad which highlights the position of women in our society and emphasizes on sharing of household work among couples is completely bang on! Why only a woman is responsible to cook, to do laundry, to clean and manage the entire household? Why a man can’t help in the household chores? This ad has been clearly able to pin-point the root cause and hit the right chord by talking about a social change and subtly placing its brand.

Do have a look!

Fevicol – Govinda Ek, Dahi Handi Anek:

Pidilite has made its name in the advertising world with its unique and innovative ads for Fevicol. We have grown up watching their ads and literally wait for them to bring gems, one after the other. And they do not fail to match up our expectations. Here is another one from their stable!

One month to go for the Festival of Colors – Holi, Pidilite has come up with its new ad for Fevicol. With full fervor of Dahi handi, Catchy tune and Govindas piled up like the unbreakable bond of Fevicol, the brand has yet again proved that why it is considered as the king of advertising industry.

Birla Sun Life Insurance Ad: #Khudkokarbuland

Though all Life Insurance ads look the same, this one does stand out! It touches upon a lot many emotions – fear of getting sick, confidence of being in control of the situation and joy of seeing your loved ones happy and the most impressive part of the ad is it all seems justifiable when you relate it to the main concern of the ad.

The above ad is 2nd in the ‘#Khudkokarbuland’ series of Birla Sun Life Insurance. The first being another heart warming one which focuses on the story of a father’s efforts in providing his autistic child a normal life to include him in the mainstream society. You can watch it here.

Do let me know which are your current favorite ads on Indian Television. I can always update the list! 🙂