My trip to Oslo, Prague and Rome…Part 2

This blog is the 2nd part of my one of the amazing travels. It was my first international trip where I traveled to Oslo, Prague, and Rome. My stay in Oslo was purely for work for 15 days but that didn’t stop me from discovering the culture, the people and the lovely places which the place has to offer. In case you missed reading all of it, here is the link of my Oslo adventures, ‘My trip to Oslo, Prague, and Rome…Part 1.

After spending my time in Oslo and Bergen in Norway, I went to Prague where I met another colleague of mine, Andrea who played a super host and created a perfect itinerary for me for the next 2 days I was supposed to spend there.

The first day we went to Karlovy Vary, a town which is approximately 130 km west of Prague. The town is quite famous for its hot springs which are said to have medicinal properties. (yes…I drank from most of them 😛 ) and there is a special cup which people purchase to drink the water from those springs. Quite cool! 😛

It was almost an entire day tour on the streets of Karlovy Vary where one of the major highlights was our visit to Moser Glass Factory and where we discovered the beauty of the glass craft and got a chance to look at the artisans at work right from moulding the hot glass to different shapes to finally carving lovely designs on to them. It was an experience to remember.

The next day was dedicated to a tour to the touristy places of Prague. Yup, you guessed it right! A visit to Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, St. Vitus Cathedral and checking out the different architectures of buildings that we crossed.

My guide apart from telling me the history behind each of the landmarks was also quick to educate me on different architectural styles of Prague buildings. Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Cubism were some of the architectural styles that I could witness on the streets of Prague. It was just a half-day walking tour but I would suggest taking a full day tour where you can actually spend time at the monuments and explore more about the city.

Now, without much blabbering, let me show you what I did in Prague. 🙂

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My trip to Oslo, Prague and Rome…Part 1

It’s been almost 5 months that I have written and that’s because I was on my own trip.

Ah…that’s a lame excuse. 😛

Maybe I was too lazy to pen down…err…type up something. Too many things happened all this while but the main highlight was my ‘first ever international trip‘. I went to Norway (all expenses paid trip by my company…perks of winning a seat in Global Exchange Program 😀 ) followed by my self-sponsored trip to Prague and Rome.

My 15 days at Oslo and Bergen were one of the best days of my life so far. My colleague cum friend Mats played the perfect host and made sure that I spent the best time ever in Oslo. Weekdays went by working while weekends were all about exploring the city and its culture.

We attended amazing dinners where I met some lovely people and got to know about their culture and lives. I got a chance to witness their Constitution Day celebrations where everyone dresses in their traditional ‘bunads’, enjoys feasts and flocks the streets to watch the parade to the King’s palace. I enjoyed my weekends walking the streets, visiting museums, spending time at the sea-side and the parks, attending events like Oslo Vegetarian Festival and Oslo Instagrammers Walk and doing sightseeing (yes, all the things which you can find at TripAdvisor in ‘places to visit’ list 😛).

The people here are warm, friendly, punctual and have a simple life. On weekends, they love to spend time out with friends or occupy themselves doing activities like skiing. There is greenery all around with small parks spread across the city, you can see people running and cycling, laughing and chatting. The city had a lovely vibe where the pace of life looked just apt where nobody is in rush and people have time to sit and relax by the sea-side to end their day.  Also, usually most of them have their own cabins (a small house somewhere in the mountains or by the sea-side) where they like to go on weekends or on special occasions away from the city’s hustle bustle. 🙂

I and Mats also went to Bergen (a place which is covered by 7 mountains and where it rains almost 300 days a year). The highlight was the road trip. Since I went in May, I could see different landscapes throughout my road journey. There were snow covered mountains, green landscapes and fjords welcoming us to Bergen.

After a 1 day stay at Bergen, it was time to say goodbye to the beautiful Norway and say Hi to Prague.

Here is a quick photo story to give you a glimpse of my trip to Norway. Enjoy 🙂

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A couple’s journey of bringing Art & Travel together – Artologue

There are very few people you meet, who leave an impression on you. 

One of them is a lovely couple Mee and Jey. I know them from quite some time but got to know more in a recent panel discussion conducted by Chevening India Art where Mee and Jey shared their journey of becoming Travel Artists and the birth of Artologue.

Mee and Jey with their Hari Bhari at their IHC exhibit

Mee (Meenakshi) is an artist who is a master in Madhubani art and playing with colours is her life while Jey (Jey Sushil) is a journalist and is also Mee’s sidekick, a strong partner in her art venture.

They are an inspiring couple who have taken an initiative to take art to everyone’s homes. They believe that why art should be restricted to few elites or be in art galleries where common people feel so intimidated with the silence and the aura of the place. Art is unrestricted and should be within reach of everyone.

They strongly believe that everyone can paint their imagination, they just need a canvas or their home’s walls 🙂

Yes. The journey began when on one fine day, Jey asked Mee what she wanpainting on the wallsts to do in her life and she replied, “I want to paint the world”. And there you go! That’s how Artologue was born. Mee and Jey travel to people’s homes, offices, schools and even have gone to jail and hospitals to paint. Mee takes the inputs from the hosts, draws the basic outline and then hands over the brushes to the people and let them add their own touch. And the magic begins. An erstwhile dull wall starts to speak to the onlookers.

They have taken the concept of Artologue to more than 17 states, 60 places and met more than 6000 people on their bullet called Hari Bhari and Kesariya. They have a pool of stories to share right from how they travelled to a school in a village in Naxal belt of Jahanabad where the students haven’t seen the colours before to the jail of Dasna where prisoners accused of heinous crimes like murder and robbery took the brush and started painting their jail walls.

mee-jey painting in jail
Mee-Jey in Dasna jail painting with prisoners

They have hundreds of stories to share, some of them you can find on their Artologue blog. But there is one incident which Mee shared during her talk at Chevening India Art Week. She never used to sign her paintings. Once when a renowned artist, S.H.Raza asked her about the reason, she said, “The piece is an inspiration and hence I can’t own it. I have seen these things around me and I can’t take the entire credit for my art.” However, after Mr.Raza’s advice, she started penning her name on her creations as this is how the industry works.

But this reply not only shocked the artist but me as well and the respect for her increased manifold. In a world, where people are hungry to take credit, get famous and are too self-involved, Mee’s thoughts are enlightening and give you a new perspective to look at life. Getting rich, famous and fighting for what is yours is not bad, but at times we should just pause and introspect if it’s worth it.

Will close this blog on this thought. Hope to come back with another one soon. Till then, live, love and laugh. 🙂

A trip to Manali

I am a mountain child. And it’s my dream to build my abode in the laps of the scenic mountains. The calmness, the greenery, mighty mountains, lovely stream of the river and the simple living of the people attract me so much that I make sure that I do a trip to hills every 2-3 months. They are my escapade from everything.

A long weekend arrives in September and here I got my excuse to make a trip to the hills and this time, it was Manali. I have been to McLeodganj, Nainital, Mukteshwar, Lansdowne, Kasauli, Shimla, Dalhousie, Mussoorie and more and was expecting a similar landscape in Manali as well – the mountains, river, greenery, etc. But this place is all this and beyond.

I boarded the 5 pm bus from Delhi to Manali on Friday evening which got delayed and started at 7pm. After the usual halts for dinner and our good night sleep, we woke up to a rainy weather in Mandi and some amazing scenic views on our way from Mandi to Manali. The Beas river was in its full flow storming and roaring. The mountains were so green that you hardly find the patches of barren land. I started reading a book but was looking out of my window every 2 seconds. I just did not want to unsee any part of this amazing journey. It seemed like our bus was crossing a Jurassic Park area where we could be greeted by those big dinosaurs from anywhere. Yeah, my imagination got a bit wild but you need to see it to believe it. Early morning, rainy weather and green mountains had just set the tone for me as we were still 85 km away from Manali.

Day 1:

Our bus reached at around 11 am in Manali and we straight away went to our hotel. After resting a bit, we headed to Old Manali. This place will give you feels of McLeodganj. Italian cafes and lounges, Live Music, Bob Marley’s T-Shirts and posters, shops selling artifacts and clothes, sadhus sitting at the corners lighting up a smoke and restaurants cum stays are some of the things that you will find here.

We (me and my husband :D) tried Cafe 1947 based on TripAdvisor’s reviews and gorged on Chicken Pizza and Penne Pasta with Ginger Honey Lemon tea. The Pizza was great but the tea had too much of honey and Pasta was bland.

After strolling a bit and taking a halt at Manali mall road, we came back to our hotel. We also booked a cab for a day tour of Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley from one of the Taxi Booking counters for our Day 2. Though after talking to people and reading reviews at Tripadvisor, we were skeptical of going to Rohtang pass in an off-season with no snow but finally decided to go ahead and make a trip for which we thanked ourselves later.

(Pic credits: Dhiraj Pandey, my awesome husband 🙂 )

Day 2:

After a heavy breakfast, we started from our hotel at 9 am for our trip to Rohtang Pass. What we witnessed was pure gold. Throughout our way, we were greeted with mighty mountains encircled with clouds, waterfalls, shepherds grazing their sheep in the fields and the chilly breeze. The way to the top can’t be described in words. Marhi, Kothi, Gulaba are small towns which will come your way where one can take a stop to have a cuppa of coffee and enjoy the scenic views.

As we were approaching Rohtang pass and were 8 km away, we could see the snow-capped peaks of mountains. And once, we reached there we could see people with jackets and caps as the wind was too chilly.

There were bikers and cyclists taking halts on their way to Leh. After reaching the top, we were literally in the middle of clouds with winds giving us chills to the core. Woahh, that was totally unexpected but was super amazing. There was a small lake as well adding beauty to the entire landscape.

This place is worth every penny and should not be missed out at any cost if you are planning a trip to Manali.

On our way back, we halted at Solang Valley which was a total let down in this weather. It could be a beautiful place when it snows, though. Hence, you may skip it from your itinerary and can spend more time at Rohtang Pass.

While on our way back to our hotel, our cabbie drove us through the lush green apple orchards and us, who can occasionally buy apples at Rs.100/kg in Delhi just couldn’t resist to take a stop and buy 4 kgs of apples right away costing us only Rs.200. Though, the thought of taking them back home in our backpacks arrived much later. :Pus

Day 3:

Today we had our bus at 4:30 pm and we had almost the entire day with us. We had an option of doing a half day tour of Manali with temple visits, Vashist water springs, etc. but we wanted to keep it a low-key affair. After checking out from the hotel at 11 am, we went to the Hidimba Temple and spent some time there. We have also heard a lot about IL Forno restaurant on Hidimba road and wanted to check it out. Hence, that was our stoppage for lunch. The place is worth a visit. The ambience is quaint and serene and serves amazing Italian food. Fresh wooden baked pizza in the laps of nature and easy on your pocket, what more can you ask for! We spent almost an hour and a half there before heading to our final stop – The Bus Stand.

But we still had almost an hour with us and this gave us an opportunity to spend some quiet time besides the Beas river. One could just sit for hours reading near the river bedside but sadly, we didn’t have much time at hand and had to say goodbye.

Hence, our amazing 3 day trip to Manali ended with loads of lovely memories. I am definitely coming back to this place during snowfall and would recommend anyone and everyone who love mountains to pay a visit to this place.

Few tips:

  • For stay, you may look up hotels at Hidimba Road. The hotels here are close to Mall Road and Old Manali and you can save on auto expense.
  • For bus bookings, go for Semi-Sleepers as it is a 14-hour journey and you would not like to end up like a zombie once you reach your destination.
  • Do not forget to pay a visit to IL Forno if you love Italian cuisine.
  • Make sure you carry jackets if you plan to go to Rohtang Pass. There are bike rent options available too which you might not want to miss.
  • A lot of deals on hotels and bus bookings keep running on Goibibo and MakeMyTrip especially during the off-season. Make sure you capitalize on them to save few bucks.

Drifting away from tiring schedules – How Travelling helped me!

Hey Guys, sorry to keep you waiting. It’s been over 2 months that I haven’t penned down anything.

Loads of things happening and largely it’s my random travel plans which kept me busy and I am not really complaining. Who doesn’t love to travel? That’s one thing, where you spend your money and it makes you richer. (yeah…wise investments too! :P)

I have seen people saving money for larger good, but they keep on missing the fun of those small breaks which they can steal by taking those small trips once in a while. The motto should be at least one trip a month and that one big trip in a year.

You will say, “Are you insane…why should we even listen to you?

I say, just because it’s tried and tested. Since this year’s start, I am averaging almost 2 trips a month and I am a super happy child. Those trips have given me an outlet to not only rejuvenate myself but helped me do my work more efficiently. Those trips were not only about exploring the unexplored, but also visits to my family and relatives places.

It’s not very long ago, since travelling has become an indispensable part of my life. And my journeys have made me realize few things which I want to share with you all:

Chail, Himachal Pradesh
Chail, Himachal Pradesh
  • Take small duration but frequent breaks: As I mentioned above, this really helps. Just do an ad-hoc weekend getaway, or plan a 3-4 day trip in a month somewhere to be away from the hustle bustle of the city.
  • Travel plans should be a mixed bag: Make sure your travel visit includes visiting your loved ones  as well. Work takes us to different cities but make sure you keep giving those surprise visits to your family and loved ones. And for the rest of the travel plans, there are thousands of places to chose from.
  • Travel with mixed bunch:
    • Travel with friends: to do crazy stuff
    • Travel with family: because such moments are rare and should be cherished
    • Travel with your partner: to create those lovely memories where it’s just you two and solace
    • Travel with unknown people: to meet new kinds and grow new friendships. You never know whom you can meet and a life long bond gets created
    • Travel solo: to discover yourself and what are you capable of!

I have not done the last two but I wish to do them in near future. In case you are looking for travel partners, there are many who keep organizing such trips like,

One of the latest which I came across was from Streets of India (Instagram account) who are planning a trip to McLeodganj this June and are inviting people to participate.

Just do a simple google search, join different travel groups, especially the ones like The Himalayan Club and you will just keep looking for excuses to travel.

Hope reading this inspired you to plan your next travel. If yes, type in your destination in the comments below and let me know. 🙂




How to plan a 2 day trip to Jaipur

Before I tell you how to cover Jaipur within 2 days without getting too tired, you should know that:

  • You shouldn’t travel to Jaipur during Jaipur Literature Festival if the only agenda you have is to explore the city.
  • You should avoid travelling to Jaipur on a lonnngggg weekend because that’s when the entire Delhi flocks the city.

My visit happened to be when both of the conditions were true. It was not only tough to find budget hotels, you will also be welcomed by huge traffic, noise and pollution. Jaipur had beaten Delhi hands down in terms of traffic and pollution.

Having said that, the city has its own old world charm and a visit is worth your money. My visit was planned from 23rd Jan-26th Jan and based on my experiences, here is a cheat sheet of how one should go ahead with a 2 day trip to Jaipur:

  • The major highlight of the city is its 3 forts, Nahargarh, Jaigarh and Amer. I would recommend you to keep an entire day for all the 3 forts if you want to really admire their beauty and get some good shots. The cabs organize 1-day city tours but that are worst. Even if you plan to do that, always go for forts first as rest are the city destinations and can be covered the same day or the second day.

While Nahargarh fort gives you a majestic view of the entire city, Jaigarh fort is the abode of biggest wheeled cannon ‘Jaivana’.  Amer being the most beautiful of all three should be given the maximum time. One should keep at least 2-2.5 hours for the fort. I always prefer a guided tour while visiting such historic places. One should not miss out on the significance and minor details of the historic structures which only a guide can tell.

We visited this fort at night (fort remains open till 10 pm) and the beauty of the fort is inexplicable. We must have missed a lot to see but witnessing Amer fort in full moon glory and beautiful lighting was a treat in itself.

Sheesh Mahal at Amer Fort, Jaipur
  • Keep the 2nd day for Albert Hall Museum, if you are keen in understanding the culture and history of Rajasthan. It is so huge that you can spend half of your day just reading and exploring. Reach by 9:30 am and try to wrap up within 2-2.5 hrs. It is a must visit place. Next comes City Palace and Jantar Mantar which are situated opposite to each other. These places should not take more than 2-2.5 hours of your time.

Keep the rest of your day to visit the local market and you can also see Hawa Mahal on your way at Badi Choupad. We shopped at Bapu Bazar and realized that there is a good scope for bargaining. Try searching for better and cheap places to shop as Bapu Bazar is one of the most frequented markets and the rates are ridiculously high.

I have kept the itinerary pretty simple as to make sure one covers the key places and also gets a breather. There are reasons for the same as well:

  • When we travelled the city, we tried to cover everything in a day. Took the 1-day tour which showed us the city first and then the forts which was why we reached Amer at night and had just half an hour to explore the palace.
  • We didn’t get time to choose our place of lunch and wherever the cab driver stopped, we took a quick bite. And dear, that was the worst ever place where we could have eaten. I would advise you to research about the restaurants before-hand and make your driver informed well before where you would like to eat.
  • The hectic travel and the food took its toll and the next day, I fell sick with fever and cold.
  • Search for reasonable places to shop or be a bargain master.
  • Take the help of guides at places of historical significance. Clicking pictures should not be the only agenda. You should know the history of the structure as well and believe me, there are so many hidden gems which get uncovered when there is a storyteller along with you.
Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

Yeah, hence my advice to all of you will be not to exhaust yourself and plan your travel well. Check the distances, mode of travel, places to eat, opening and closing timings of monuments before-hand to avoid any hassles. The key for a time bound travel is to be well informed.

Special Train Coaches for families with children below 3 years

Note: The below post may offend some children lovers (which even  I am) and should be read in an objective sense with no strings attached. 

During my recent train journey from Delhi to Bihar and back, I had briefly mentioned about children maniac on board in my last blog. Not that I am children intolerant but at times, when there are too many kids and too much crying happening, it does take a toll on you. And God forbid, if that journey happens to be for longer hours. I am sure all of us go through that irritated feeling every time a child keeps on crying or keeps running and bugging the fellow passengers in the whole compartment. The entire journey gets screwed. Can’t railways do something about making our journey comfortable? Maybe, they can!

I pondered over it and thought of “Special Train Coaches for families with children below 3 years.” As the name suggests, this facility will ensure if you are traveling with kid/kids aged 3 years or below, you should automatically be given seats in that special coaches in the train. No extra charge but yes, special coaches for families with children below 3 years. This facility can be initiated with Chair Car (CC) Trains as a start, if not all.

Do let me know about your thoughts on the above solution and any other if you may have.

Till then, keep yourself plugged in and listen to music in loud volume to avoid listening to the melody of crying children. Wish you a Happy Journey.


P.S: Again, it is very important to mention that I do not hate children, it’s just to avoid discomfort and make everyone’s journey comfortable and peaceful.

A train journey to remember

My in-laws are from Bihar and today I am travelling to the place to stay with them for a week. However, how much excited I am to meet them all after 5 months, I always dread the 17-hour long journey via train.

The bad washrooms, the seat adjustments, fight for getting space not only for yourself but your luggage as well and all hell breaks loose if you have kids in your compartment who always are in constant need to grab your attention or have “crying” as their favourite timepass. Sometimes, even your co-passengers are so over-friendly that the next thing they might expect to invite them to your house over a cup of tea. Travelling alone can be fun like this but when one is travelling with huge luggage, one needs some peace of mind.

Though, however, evil I may sound in the above narrative but all of us somewhere feel that travel should be hassle free and peaceful. So, as I mentioned above, I and my husband are travelling to Bihar today. It is always tough to get train tickets to Bihar due to huge rush on that route. Hence, we had booked these tickets in August itself for a November journey. I always travel in 3AC and even we tried such an early booking, we couldn’t manage a 3AC ticket and had to book 1AC tickets which costed us Rs.3000 per person. Now, that was a bomb figure but we had to travel on these dates to attend a marriage in the family. 

I forgot about the entire money outflow for a train journey after 2-3 days. But when today, we boarded the train, I was happily surprised to learn that it was a coupe which we have got for both of us. Suddenly, all those dreaded images of a train journey were making their way out of my head. The coupe was like a mini bedroom well equipped with reading lights, mirror, fan, night light, dustbin and a cupboard as well. The beds were wide enough to adjust two (if you know what I mean 😉 ) and if this is not enough there is a bell to call the attendant to cater to your needs. There is an indicator installed to let you know if the washrooms in your compartment are busy or occupied at the moment (quite high-tech I must say for Indian Railways). The washrooms were clean equipped with hand-shower for bathing purpose as well (though I don’t think anyone will use that).  


The amount of Rs.6000 (train tickets for two for a one-way train journey to Bihar) which was looking so heavy on pocket initially, now feels completely worth every penny. It just feels like sitting at home and our bedroom is being transported from one place to another. 

I had never thought that a train journey can be so pleasurable. Booking in such coupes is highly recommended for couples and people having kids and are carrying huge luggage. It has its added costs but at the end of this super comfortable journey you will not regret spending those extra bucks.  

Thank you Indian Railways. It is indeed a HAPPY JOURNEY. And I will make sure that we book 1 AC in the trains which have coupes whenever we are travelling long distances. 

P.S.: The food was good too. We ordered veg cutlet and omelette bread in snacks and a veg thali and egg biryani in dinner which were a great improvement from what I have had before in my train journeys.