How to find a hobby? Here is your simple guide.

We all work for a living and sometimes are too engrossed in doing so that we forget there is more to life than just work and attending family matters. In the race of moving ahead than your peers, getting those brownie points from your bosses, chasing deadlines and anxiously waiting for the appraisal cycle to add those peanuts in your salary, we are forgetting ourselves. We are always so worked up that we miss the ‘ME’ time to re-energize our cells.

We all had one or more hobbies since the time we were kids. Be it painting, doodling, reading, writing, cooking, clicking pictures, dancing, learning music and what not. I may not be wrong if I say at some point of your life you also must have thought that these hobbies can be pursued as a profession as well. Some of you might have done the same, but this blog piece is for those of you who have completely forgotten about their passions.

Our hobbies make us free from the worldly troubles. You forget about tensions, the work, family issues for those few hours and give that time to yourself. Pursuing a hobby relieves you from stress and relaxes your mind, body, and soul.

Even if you don’t know what you like doing in your free time, explore. Below are couple of starters which you can try out:

  • Examine your skill set and personality: If you love makeup, accessorizing, follow fashion trends, you could be a fashion blogger. If you are good at handling kids and teaching them, you could volunteer as a teacher for underprivileged kids. Start with listing down your personality traits and skills that can help you identify your passions.

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