What ROBINHOOD ARMY and ZOMATO are doing to end the hunger of many?


Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

One of my friends is a big foodie and keeps writing reviews on ZOMATO. Recently during a conversation with him, he talked about the two groups he joined – Indian Fiction Book Club and ZOMATO Charity Food Drive. The Indian Fiction Book club is a club which promotes Indian authors in the genre and make the readers aware about not so popular writers and their works.

The one which got me more interested was ZOMATO Charity Food Drive. I asked him more about it as I had never heard of this initiative and what it does. As the name suggests, the initiative is a social cause aimed at providing food for the homeless and the underprivileged people of our society. But how it functions is something amazing.

What is ZOMATO Charity Food Drive?

My friend got to know about this initiative in one of the meet-ups which ZOMATO organizes for the foodies. An organization named ROBINHOOD ARMY that works to get surplus food from restaurants to the less fortunate in India and Pakistan had partnered with ZOMATO to get more people and restaurants involved in this amazing cause. The process is quite simple.


This drive happens once in 2-3 weeks in a city. Considering ZOMATO’s reach, I can only say it should grow in time.

How joining of ZOMATO foodies help this initiative?

ZOMATO is one hub for people in metro cities to check out restaurants and their ratings. We pick/chose restaurants on the basis of their ratings and reviews. Once ZOMATO foodies come into the picture, these restaurants tend to give extra as they share a personal bond with the customer and would like that bond to grow stronger. There is no better form of publicity than the Word of Mouth publicity. A restaurant would never want to come in bad books of any influencer.

Whatever the reason may be, the end result is commendable. I really appreciate the thought behind the initiative and kudos to the ROBINHOOD ARMY who are doing it religiously for so long. I was reading an article on them at The Guardian and couldn’t help but give a standing ovation to the people behind this beautiful initiative. Quoting from the article, “In 2012, up to 10,000 were fed solely on leftovers from 16 weddings held on Akshaya Tritiya, a day considered auspicious for Hindus to tie the knot.” itself explains the situation of food wastage in our country.


Started in Aug 2014, the organization has become 1000+ volunteer strong spread across 18 cities and had fed around 200,000+ people so far. If you visit their FB page, you will see the smiling faces of small kids happily posing for a picture with the RHA members. The joy in the eyes of these small kids and the selfless service of the volunteers will leave an impression in your heart. The way these people are giving back to the society not only deserves accolades but deserves more support from us. They have a section where Colleges, Restaurants, and General People can register as volunteers. The only way to appreciate this cause will be to join them in their mission to eradicate hunger.

I believe more and more organizations and more and more individuals should come forward to support such initiatives. There are small kids who sleep hungry on our city streets and we tend to waste food in our plates, in our kitchens, and in the restaurants when we eat out. If you want to contribute to this cause in your small way, start with ‘Not Wasting Food Anymore’. Always remember that one chapatti you are leaving in your plate can feed a kid right at the crossing 4 blocks away.

You also don’t need a ZOMATO or ROBINHOOD ARMY to support this cause. People who frequent particular restaurants can reach out to them and ask for help. The only thing needed is an awakened mind and selfless conscious to help out the less fortunate people of our society. Wedding Season is around. If people are aware of this initiative, they can ask the ROBINHOOD ARMY for help and make sure the leftover food reaches out to the homeless and hungry souls.

We just need a HEART to make a START and a willingness to GIVE to make this world a better place to LIVE.


Disclaimer: The logos used above are registered with the respective organizations.